General Rule Set Overview-

  • Airsoft weapons must be transported in proper gun bags or cases
  • Participants under 18 years of age are require a full paintball mask (no mesh lowers, NO EXCETPIONS)
  • Barrel covers are required at all times while in the safe are
  • “Safety on, mags out” in the safe area
  • No blind firing
  • No physical contact of any type
  • No arguing
  • No foul language
  • Do not displace props or obstacles, unless instructed otherwise
  • Respect the property
  • Be aware of vehicles
  • Call your hits. “When in doubt, call it out”
  • Air operated systems must have the ability to be tournament locked
  • Dead rags are required, and must be RED. It is also recommended to have a RED dead light as well for low light areas


Overall Gameplay-

  • Each side will have specific objectives that will be distributed by commanders and combat controllers the day of the event
  • Points are earned for partial and total completion of an objective within the allotted time
  • Points can also be earned by holding specific control points for a duration of time
  • Alternative and supplementary objective will be added to the gameplay sporadically during the gameplay, which will also aid in point accumulation
  • Points will be tallied at the end of the event/day to determine the winner of the event



  • NO FIRING (includes dry fire) in any zone designated a NO SHOOT ZONE, SAFE ZONE, or STAGING AREA
  • While inside no fire zones you are expected to have your magazine out of your gun, safety on, and have a barrel blocker/cover on your gun
  • NO BLIND FIRING. You must be able to see your target while you are shooting at them
  • NO SLAT SHOOTING. You must be at least 10 feet away to shoot through a slot smaller than your face, but if larger than your face you may shoot through it






  • Out of concern of fires and bodily harm, only approved pyrotechnics will be allowed at all of our events. NO HOMEMADE PYROTECHNCIS ARE ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If you are found with homemade pyrotechnics, you will immediately be ejected from the game and banned from any and all future MiR Tactical Events


Safety Kills-

  • For the safety of all, players who approach an unaware opposing player within 10 feet must utilize a “Safety Kill” by calling aloud, “BANG!” to the opposing player. At that time, the unaware opposing player must honor the “Safety Kill” and follow appropriate medic and/or re-spawn procedures
  • You can only bang kill ONE player every 3 seconds



  • All grenades must detonate to eliminate player within 10ft radius
  • Simulated airstrikes have a 50ft kill radius
  • Simulated mortar strikes and shoulder fired rockets have a 25ft kill radius
  • Shoulder launched missiles and grenade launchers are the only way to disable a vehicle (must use foam rockets-no exceptions)
  • Thunder B’s, XL Burst and any other sound grenade DOES count as a kill even if there are no BB’s projected from the grenade
  • No modified grenades, homemade explosives, blank firing devices, or explosive TAG rounds are allowed
  • Only approved pyrotechnics are allowed at MiR Tactical events. If you have any questions on what the approved pyrotechnics are, please email the store
  • If a BB fly’s more than 10ft after a grenade detonates, YOU ARE STILL CONSIDERED HIT, and should treat it as such


Weapon/Magazine Restrictions-

  • Magazine restrictions will be used for all events with the exception of open plays
  • Players may only have up to 1500rnds of ammunition on them at all times. The exception is for LMGs, they may have an unlimited amount of ammo on them
  • An airsoft replica can only be classified as a Support Weapon if it accurately resembles a Real Life Support Weapon such as a SAW, PKM, M240, Vulcan, MG36, and RPK. If you have specific questions about classifications please contact MiR Tactical
  • Support Weapons are only replicas that are allowed to use “Box” style magazines
  • Support/snipers may carry a secondary rifle as long as it is within normal FPS/Joule limits
  • NO FULL AUTO INOORS, semi-auto only
  • Even if you’re LMG or HMG has a selector switch to go from full auto to semi-auto, you are not allowed to engage indoors. You must abide by rifleman rules, however


Hit details-

  • To avoid any confusion, everything except a gun-in-hand will be considered a player hit. This means that a BB hitting bags, hats, rags, shemaghs, boots, strips of clothing hanging off of you, FRIENDLY FIRE etc. will count as a “HIT”. Any holstered or slung weapon being hit will also count as a “HIT” on the player
  • Immediately after being hit:
    • You are to YELL “HIT!” If you do not yell “HIT” loud enough, you have to possibility of get shot repeatedly, SO MAKE IT KNOWN YOU ARE HIT
    • Deploy a dead rag by waving it around high in the air, and place on your head or in an extremely visible location on yourself
    • BBs that go through bushes, trees, etc. and hit your gear or person still count as a hit
    • Ricochets do not count as hits


Medic Rules-

*Certain games will have modified medic rules. In some cases, they will not be the same for both teams. See official game post for specific medic rules (Open plays vs. Milsim

**You must provide your own medic ace bandage wrap. Ace wrap must be full length and not cut or altered.


How to use medics-

  • The medic will wrap ace bandage around the wounded player’s arm or leg. Not chest, gun, neck etc.
  • The medic may not have a gun in hand while healing a wounded player
  • You can never heal yourself

Bleed Out Rule-

  • Once you are hit, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes in the spot where you are hit before you can return to spawn.
    • EXCEPTION- If you are hit in a doorway, in the way of a major player movement, or have knowledge of a major player movement about to happen, you may move out of the way A SHORT DISTANCE to avoid being over-shot, hurt, or a hindrance to the players
    • Players can be dragged to cover by teammates. You do not need to be dragged if you choose not to, you can be moved by a teammate if they have a hand on you ONLY. If at any point they break contact with the wounded player, the player must stop and remain in place
    • Player can only me medic’d by a medic. Medics can be medic’d by any player
    • A player can only be medic’d 2 per life
    • Once you have been hit a third time, you must wait the allotted bleed out time. After bleed out, you may return to spawn


Uniform Requirements-

  • Uniform rules are different for each game. Check the official game post for specific requirements.
    • Uniforms must match the color of your side
    • Any jackets or cold weather clothing must match the color of your side
    • Headgear must match the color of your side (we will make an exception if there is inclement weather)
    • Gear color does not matter
    • COR: Green
    • UAE: Tan


Goggles and Gear-

  • ONLY ANSI 87.1 rated goggles will be allowed in the field. Goggle must also be full-seal. It is recommended to use a full face mask or paintball mask, but it is not required for players over the age of 18
  • Players under the age of 18 MUST wear a full face mask. It must be a paintball mask, no mesh lowers are allowed for players under the age of 18
  • Teeth protection is also a recommendation, but not required
  • No safety glasses, mesh goggles, or shooting glasses are allowed
    • EXCEPTION- M-Frames are allowed, but you must have a helo-kit for them. You may not remove any of the rubber on the kit, or else it is not considered full seal



               *Different venues will have different FPS/Joule limits

  • Rifleman- 400fps or 1.49j w/.20g AEG
  • Gas Blow Back- 315fps or 1.49j w/ .32g
  • Bolt Action-
    • Gas- 2.81j w/.32g BBs
    • Standard 2.81j w/20 BBs
    • DMR-
      • AEG- 450fps or 1.88j
      • Gas- 355fps or 1.88j
      • Air operated systems must have the ability to be tournament locked
      • All weapons need to be chrono graphed before entering the field. Each gun will be tagged with high visibility tags that are not to be removed during the event/weekend
      • All players with a chrono graphed weapon will be held responsible for any FPS discrepancies during the event/game. Organizer reserve the right to randomly select any individual and spot check any gun on the field at any time during the event/game. Violations will be dealt with SEVVERELY.
      • Some fields are classified as CQC Fields. CQC fields have a maximum limit of 1.14 Joules w/ .32g BB’s
      • You are responsible for knowing the FPS of your weapon. If you show up to an event/game and your gun shoots to hot, you will not be able to use that gun on the field. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Player Conduct-

  • Play with honor and integrity. Strikeball (Airsoft) depends on sportsmanship so CALL YOUR HITS.
  • Dead players do not talk or gesture. Call for a medic, nothing more.
  • Respect the environment. It is an amazing opportunity to play at the places we do, so please clean up after yourself and do your best to police the trash on your area before leaving. Trashcans are there for a reason!
  • Animals cannot shoot back, so leave them alone. You will be immediately ejected from the game if you are found abusing the wildlife!!!!
  • Foul language will not be tolerated. Not everyone thinks swearing is cool: please keep it at a minimum and to yourself
  • Physical contact between players with an aggressive manner will not be tolerated under any circumstance! Players involved in any physical aggressions will be expelled, suspended, or turned in to the proper authorities.
  • Please be kind to one another. Even though you are not on the same team, always be ready to help. It’s the little things in this game that counts.
  • Players caught stealing will also be turned over to the proper authorities AND blacklisted from any future MiR Tactical Inc. events. It does not matter if it was BB’s or an airsoft gun, this will not be tolereated


Blind-man Rule-

  • If at any point during the gameplay you hear the word “BLINDMAN”, that means there is a REAL WORLD situation. Upon hearing “BLINDMAN”, you will do the following-
    • YELL “BLINDMAN” so everyone else around you hears it
    • Put your gun on safety
    • Wait for the referee’s instructions
    • “BLINDMAN” may only be called if there is a real world issue that is endangering another player or players.
      • Please do not call blind-man if a player has his goggles off. Just remind the player that he needs to put them back on. ONLY refrain to using “BLINDMAN” during a “real-world” situation


Communication Interception-

  • Frequency scanning is not allowed unless specified by the mission (see official game post for details).
  • Players caught scanning frequencies will be expelled from the field and a warning will be given to the affiliated team
    • Staff Channels/Frequencies
      • FRS 1- 462.562
      • FRS 2- 462.587
  • COR Channels/Frequencies
    • FRS 3- 462.612
    • FRS 4- 462.637
    • FRS 5- 462.662
    • FRS 6- 462.687
    • FRS 7- 462.712
  • UAE Channels/Frequencies
    • FRS 8- 467.562
    • FRS 9- 467.587
    • FRS 10- 467.612
    • FRS 11- 467.637
    • FRS 12- 467.662


  • Any vehicles must be approved for use by MiR Tactical Staff prior to the event
  • All occupants of the vehicles must wear helmets or some sort of heard protection for safety reasons times
  • Vehicles are limited to 10 mph at all
  • Drivers of any vehicles must be over the age of 18
  • Vehicle Insurance is required and additional regulations may be required as well
  • Players are not allowed to enter or exit moving vehicles
  • Players must respect the vehicle blind spot to avoid potential injuries
  • Vehicles are considered disabled only when hit with rockets, airstrikes, etc. BB’S DO NOT DISABLE VEHICLES
  • DO NOT SHOOT THE DRIVERS CABIN. Players other than the driver are susceptible to normal BB fire and normal rules for players
  • Destroyed vehicles will turn on their hazard lights/raise a red flag to signal they have been destroyed
    • After being hit, the vehicle must remain in that spot for 10 minutes.
    • After the bleed-out time, you may return to your team’s base
    • You are allowed to carry back other “dead” players to the FOB
    • The respawn time of vehicle is 10 minutes, unless otherwise directed by staff


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Land Devices-

  • Any aerial or unmanned vehicles must be approved by staff prior to the event
  • No gas powered devices are allowed
  • Players may not shoot, touch, or displace the devices unless directed by staff