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Product Overview

Unlike most boxes, this box is packed full of awesome. Only 50 boxes

Guaranteed $125 of airsoft product Guaranteed a metal Pistol or revolver!

1/25 Win a $190 VFC G18 with an Extended Magazine

1/15 Win a $180 Taren Tactical 1911 $175

3/10 win a KWC 1911 Tac CO2 Pistol $130

1/5 win a Elite Force PPQ $110

2/5 win a Elite Force Gambler Revolver $140

Hurry before you miss out! 


*Fixed Shipping cost * Excluded from any discounts. 

1) The Mystery Box is available first-come-first-serve.
2) The Mystery Box carries our full warranty covering "free repair" of the items received within warranty period. We cannot exchange the item you received for something you like less, or something you like more.
3) The Mystery Box will ship in a large UPS approved shipping box; 
4) The Mystery Box and their contents cannot be exchanged or returned. All sales are final.
5) Limit one box per order per edition / release. If more than one box is ordered, the entire order may be canceled and refunded. All rights reserved.
6) Respectively hitting "refresh" too early on your keyboard before the release may cause you to be blocked by the server. Tip: Refresh on time.
7) "Ship Out Date" will remain the same for all BOA orders regardless of shipping methods chosen.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review