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  • WASTELAND: 2019

All event participants must complete a safety waiver prior to the event.


Tickets are non refundable. All purchases are final.


Sometime in the near future, America will go to war. It's not important who we are fighting, or even why, because in the end it will not matter. The United States of America will come under nuclear attack; it will wipe out any official government in place, take down the national power grid, and send man back years until the only thing left for them to do is to survive. It is now survival of the fittest in America's new world..... 


After a long summer journey, our survivors (your character) have found a secure land to occupy. They have settled in the remains of an old quarry and are finally safe from being irradiated by the immense fallout. It has become a struggle to survive on a day to day basis, with questions being asked every day about their bleak future: Will there be enough food, water, or ammo? Will they be devoured in their sleep by the ravenous creatures the fallout has created? Will raiders find them, take their supplies and leave them to die? In the wasteland, nothing is certain. The Brotherhood, a quasi-religious military order that operates nationwide, can only provide so much protection from the dangers of the wasteland. As advanced as they are, as heroic as they seem, even they are known to do anything in the wasteland for the right price. Now enter scene Unit 731. Not much is known about this mysterious band of individuals. Some say they are a remnant of the old world’s military, and others have described them as a savage rogue militia. What little is known about them is that they travel without supplies and live purely off the land and those who reside in it. IF you come across this band of mongrels, it is recommended that avoid them at all costs, lest you risk never being seen again. It comes without saying that once you enter the wasteland, trust NO ONE, not even your closest companions. Everything, EVERYONE, has a price in the ruins of America.


The Gameplay:

You will be separated into groups; tribes/gangs and your numbers will be limited based on your apparent skill and equipment you choose to carry. Finding and securing food is your ultimate goal, as it can buy you ammo and protection. Food will be turned in at the store, and you will be given caps for your items. Those caps will be your currency, and one of the most important bartering options for yourself and your group the whole weekend.


ALL AMMO will be provided by MiR Tactical. You can bring CANNED FOOD to the event to trade for ammo (canned food is donated to a veterans food pantry) before the game begins. Other than that, all ammo is found in game.


The Brotherhood controls all of the available spare ammo in the area. You will barter with members of the brotherhood for ammo and supplies, as they run a small outpost inside of the playing area. Everything has a value in the wasteland, and can be offered for supplies.


The gameplay for Wastelands is entirely up to you! Who do you want to be in post-apocalyptic America? Does an irradiated ghoul forever wondering the nuclear tundra suit you, or a cut-throat raider pillaging anyone and anything in your path? Play how you want, play who you want, build your persona and conquer the wasteland!


-Badlandz Paintball Field, 306 W Elms Ct Ln, Crete, IL 60417

-October 20th, 2019


- There are no teams. There are no uniforms. YOU decide how you play.


-Link to the MiR Tactical Ruleset below—
--- https://mirtactical.com/mir-tactical-strikeball-airsoft-rules-set-sop/
-If you are under the age of 18, you must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian
-If you are under the age of 16, you must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian AND accompanied by the parent/guardian
-If you are under the age of 13, please contact us
-All participants required to sign waivers and media release forms.
-Full Seal ANSI-rated goggles with straps are required
-Full paintball mask for players under 18 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
-Rifleman Class-1.49 Joules
-Grenadier Class-1.49 Joules
-LMG Class- 1.49 Joules
-DMR Class-1.88 Joules 
-Sniper Class-2.8 Joules
-Drum and Box magazines only allowed on designated weapons (LMGs)
-Air operated systems must have a tournament lock or tamper tape
-Barrel Covers are required outside of playing area at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


-Boffer Weapons/LARP Weapons:
With the limited ammo available, boffer/LARP weapons allowed. BUT, they MUST be an apocalyptic themed weapon, no yellow nerf swords or axes. Any homemade/modified weapons MUST be approved by MiR Tactical before the event.


-Online Registration- $35 per player


-One day pass to the event
-Free Limited Edition Patch
-Free camping
-One raffle ticket (extras can be purchased on the spot)
-Use of props - This year we are introducing new interactive props.
-Pyrotechnics use
-and more!


09:00 - Chrono/New players
10:00 – Game Play Briefing
10:30 – Game Play Starts
14:30 - Final Battle
15:00 - Raffle / Game Over

Of course, no event would be great without RAFFLE prizes!!! We will be giving away thousands worth of gifts!!!

PLEASE ADVISE: Game play and schedule might change due to extreme weather conditions. Check-in MAY be available Saturday night to speed things up on the day of the event. 


* To redeem your ticket please print out the copy of the receipt and present it during check in with a valid ID

** Please fill out MiR Tactical waivers to speed up the check in process at the gates. Mir Tactical waiver will be emailed to you upon registration.

*** Item is non-refundable

Strikeball™ is a trademark of MiR Tactical Inc.