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Category 1 - Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

Category 4 - Best Gear Retailer for North America

About the Awards

What has become the most significant online airsoft event, the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, is now in its 8th year running. For a 2-month duration of the Awards, airsoft players from around the world shall nominate and then vote for the best in the various awards categories. 

Airsoft retailers, players, publications, manufacturers, products, blogs, communities, reviewers, videos, podcasts, and events are covered by this Awards event. Airsoft players worldwide get to vote on who deserves their votes and show their appreciation for those who have done an excellent job at serving the airsoft community.


Initial Nomination Period (27 November to 29 December 2017)

Airsoft players worldwide get to nominate their favorites for the various categories for almost one (1) month. They can vote for all categories or in one they are familiar.

The top five nominees (or less, depending on the number of nominees), based on the number of nominations garnered, will then proceed to the Voting Period (Finals). The finalists per category will be announced one week after the Nomination Period closes.

Nominees can be nominated in one or more categories, provided that they meet the criteria.

Final Voting Period (08 January to 05 February 2018) for the nominees will determine a winner out of those that made through initial nomination period.