MiR Tactical is your source for bulk airsoft pyro! Airsoft pyro, or pyrotechnics, as it is more properly known, is another way of referring to smoke grenades. These are the perfect airsoft accessories to keep in your vest when you need a quick curveball to throw the other team off balance. They're definitely a “must-have” accessory and one of the greatest aspects of airsoft smoke grenades like these is that you can use them as a smokescreen. Conceal your movements from the opposition, distract their attention, or simply use them to fog up a room to cut back on the opposing team’s visibility. Another great thing about airsoft smoke grenades is that they come in different colors. They can be used as a very effective long-range communication or coding tool in your arsenal. Use color-coded smoke signals to communicate with separated team forces; send messages the opposition can observe but not intercept!