Airsoft BB (0.20 Gram) Ammo
Among the many types of BB ammo for all of the different types of airsoft guns and airsoft pistols, 0.20 gram, 6mm BB pellets are probably the most common. They’re your standard, basic airsoft ammo weight that will offer anywhere from average to good performance in nearly all types of airsoft guns. These lighter 6mm airsoft BBs are great in starter airsoft guns and spring-powered airsoft pistols, and they’ll also offer decent performance in many starter AEGs and airsoft rifles, provided they are not too powerful.

The 6mm BBs on this page are all polished BBs that will shoot straight and true and are an optimal low-cost choice for many starter airsoft guns. However, if you feel that you desire slightly higher performance, such as range, accuracy, or consistency from your airsoft guns (such as with higher-powered AEGs or airsoft sniper rifles) consider switching to heavier airsoft ammo, such as .28g or .32 gram ammo or even heavier.