Airsoft BB 0.25 Gram

In CQB, targets are close and you need a high rate of fire and higher FPS than anything else. Once you change the game a little and start focusing on larger, open spaces and making shots connect6 at distances, priorities shift. If your AEG is struggling to connect with shots out over greater distances and accuracy is suffering even after minute adjustments to the hop-up system and optics, the problem may be that you are using airsoft ammo that’s too light for the gun.

While the standard .20g BBs might offer the higher FPS rating, with that higher muzzle velocity air will push back harder, too, and lighter airsoft ammo lacks the mass to “push back” against air resistance. The problem? Lighter airsoft ammo can’t achieve the same ranges as heavier BBs and accuracy often suffers. They’re faster at the muzzle, but that’s the only advantage they offer.

Most AEGs and other airsoft guns that hop .20g airsoft ammo can also hop .25g BBs. Consider making the shift to slightly heavier airsoft BBs and you may be able to improve accuracy and range, all with the same airsoft gun. All of the airsoft BBs featured on this page are one-piece polished BBs that are extremely accurate and more stable in flight than lighter ammo. We also offer tracer and biodegradable airsoft ammo on this page.