Airsoft BB 0.28 Gram 

Many stock airsoft BBs are .20 gram 6mm, which is fine for testing out an airsoft gun or for plinking, but when you get serious about performance and dialing in accuracy, you might need to dial things up a notch. Case in point: lighter airsoft BBs exhibit an unstable trajectory, especially when fired from more powerful, higher-end airsoft guns, since the air “pushes” back harder on them because they are less dense. 

As a result, as FPS increases, the lighter a BB is, the more it will droop or yaw in trajectory. Worst of all, lighter BBs just can’t reach greater ranges, let alone offer stable shot flight. More often than not, you can solve that problem by tinkering slightly with the hop-up system and using slightly heavier BBs. A slight bump in airsoft BB weight will offer you greater stability and the ability to achieve longer ranges, especially with higher-end AEGs like KWAs, VFC Avalon, and Elite Force airsoft rifles. If .20s or .25s aren’t cutting it, give these .28 gram airsoft BBs a shot and see if they work better in your airsoft rifle.  

All of these airsoft BB’s (0.28 gram) are biodegradable, one-piece, polished BBs. They’re the highest quality and shoot straight and true.