AEGs vs. Airsoft Gas Rifles
While automatic electric guns (AEGs) tend to dominate in airsoft, there are situations in which some players might prefer airsoft gas rifles. AEGs are capable of producing some of the highest muzzle velocities in almost all airsoft guns, as well as ridiculously fast rates of fire. Also, the best models are extremely durable and upgradeable, and very reliable, even in the cold, which is a known problem for gas airsoft guns (cold weather robs compressed gas of power, making gas airsoft guns unreliable or underpowered in the cold).

Also, the fact that electric airsoft guns take batteries that can be recharged is a money-saving bonus for some players, but let’s not forget the fact that water can handicap the operation of an AEG, and a dead battery can be just as much of an issue in a match as an empty gas cartridge. Concerns about dead batteries and water damage are some of the reasons that gas blowback airsoft guns (like GBB airsoft pistols) are so popular. Plus, most CO2 and green gas-powered airsoft guns are still capable of producing high rates of fire and great accuracy, especially when compared to most spring-powered guns.

You’ll need to carry spare gas canisters if you play with a gas-powered airsoft rifle, but you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries - plus, there are some really cool historical gas airsoft replicas here at MiR Tactical.

Buy Airsoft Gas Rifles Here!
In addition to the fact that there are many cool airsoft gas replicas on our website, some players love the fact that they have very realistic actions, produce realistic recoil, and break down just like a real firearm as well. If you’re about simulating the most realistic experience possible, make your next platform a gas rifle - available here from top brands including GHK, WE, KWA, and Elite Force! (Note: gas magazine capacities are typically lower than AEG mags, typically around 30 rounds. Gas rifles are more realistic in this aspect as well.)