These airsoft BBs (0.32 grams) are ideal for KWA, VFC Avalon, and HPA airsoft rifles. Neither to light nor as unwieldy as .20g airsoft BBs, nor too heavy for most airsoft guns to hop, these are the perfect choice for medium to high-powered AEGs and other airsoft rifles.

Go too light and your airsoft gun can sling them, but both range and accuracy will suffer. We’ve all seen light airsoft BBs yaw or droop prematurely, or simply fail to reach the target. If you go to heavy, the BB will cut through the air, but your airsoft gun just might not pack the power to push it to the target. Similar problems, caused by different effects. 

That’s why these .32g airsoft BBs are ideal for so many different AEGs and some sniper rifles. They’re not heavy enough to be considered “heavyweight BBs,” (think .40g and .45g BBs) but they’re substantially heavier than .20g and .25g BBs, giving them the ability to ply the air with perfect precision. 

Light BBs got you down, literally? Make the upgrade to heavier BBs like the .32g BBs found on this page, adjust your hop up, and watch your shots reach the target! 

One-Piece, Perfectly Polished
Weight’s not the only thing that affects the suitability of airsoft BB (0.32g or otherwise) performance. You don’t want to fire low-quality BBs through your airsoft rifle, and we don’t blame you. Luckily, these are perfectly round, one-piece (seamless) BBs, tops for performance, quality and accuracy. Most of our products on this page are also biodegradable (bio) BBs, so they’re compatible for use on fields and in competitions where biodegradable BBs are required!