Airsoft BB (0.30 Grams): Stable, Accurate, and Biodegradable!
Light airsoft ammo got you down? Don’t let that stop you from dialing in on better performance, higher accuracy, and greater range! Pick a heavier BB, like the ones on this page - these airsoft BBs (0.30 grams) are heavier and more stable than lighter, more common airsoft ammo. The problem with lighter ammo is that air resistance has a greater effect on it in proportion to muzzle velocity. You might think that lighter ammo will shoot faster and farther, but that isn’t always the case.

While most airsoft guns shoot 6mm BB’s, weight ranges among 6mm airsoft BBs vary greatly. Lighter ammo slows down more quickly and is more suspect to yawing and rolling through its trajectory. More powerful AEGs actually benefit from slightly heavier ammo that will shoot straighter and fly farther, even if the muzzle velocities are a little lower than they’d be with lighter ammo. This is the reason that some players who shoot airsoft sniper rifles prefer super heavy BBs. They enable farther, more accurate shots and carry more energy. If you’re not seeing the performance you’d like from your AEG’s grouping, the problem may be that your ammo is too light. Before you tinker with the airsoft gun’s internals, bump up your BB weight a notch and see if that helps!