Rocket Labs AEG Ultimate airsoft guns provide you unrivaled performance. Reach the unreachable. Only the highest quality parts are put in the Rocket Labs airsoft guns including  Siegtek gears, CNC motors, Maxx CNC Hopup units with tracers. Complete with our expert installation  and test and tuning, we have the industries best warranty “Barrel to Stock” for your new Yeet Cannon. Rate of fire set between 22 and 30 rps

DMR versions will be semi locked and shoot 450fps with 0.20g bbs

The people at Rocket Labs are serious about creating the world’s greatest airsoft guns. They combine more than 30 years of experience and enthusiasm, rolling it all into their custom builds. These Rocket Labs AEGs are the ultimate in custom airsoft guns and deliver unrivaled performance. Reach the unreachable. Only the highest quality parts are used in the creation of Rocket Labs builds. Many of these include Siegtek gears, Rocket Labs barrels, upgrades charging handles (where applicable) CNC Motors, and Maxx CNC Hop Ups and Maxx triggers as well as tracer units. 

Rate of fire is set between 22 and 30 RPS and the DMR versions will be semi-locked and tested at 450 FPS with .20g BBs. Tougher; faster; higher quality internals; precision performance. Hit the airsoft field with full confidence that you’re carrying the AEG everyone else wants. Become a legend. We install, test, and tune these AEGs and back them with the industry’s best “barrel to stock” warranty, securing your Yeet Cannon for many competitions to come. They take a beating and keep on yeeting. Any questions about these next-generation, ultra-premium performance AEGs, call us at 800-581-6620.