Airsoft Milsim Tier 1 SOP Rules


- All Participants (Player, Spectator, Media) are required to wear ANSI 787.1 eye protection. Participants under the age of - 18 are required to wear a FULL paintball mask, zero exceptions. 
- All replica’s must pass a chrono check, chrono is completed using joules. 
- Any public AO’s paintball fields, or local field barrel covers are required at all times while in safe areas. 
- All participants on site must have a waiver completed- this includes players, spectator, media. 
- All events are 6mm replica only (8mm bb replicas are not allowed), no steel bb weapons, or converted weapons. 
- Participants under the age of 18 must have guardian supervision

*EMERGENCY Situation. On call of BLIND MAN all participants are required to stop moving, remove their magazine from their replica and take a knee. BLIND MAN is call for a real world injury or situation- calling for BLIND MAN for any other reason than an emergency is grounds for immediate ejection. 
- No real weapons or firearms are allowed on any of Mir Tactical’s sites. If you have a legal permit to carry or possess a firearm it must stay in your locked vehicle at all times. If a real firearm is found in a “in play” technical vehicle owner of vehicle and all peers are subject to ejection/banned from future events. 


Code of Conduct- ALL TIERS

- All Participants are expected and required to show respect to all other peers, and staff at every venue. Respect the authority of Staff members and listen to their instruction at all times. 
- Call your hits- Do not call others hits, if you have a problem with a specific player please speak to a staff member. A hit is designated as a bb striking any part of the player, including backpacks or helmets- weapon hits do not count.  
- Hit or dead players do not talk, when you are out remain quiet. 
- Act responsibly- All participants are responsible for their actions. There is absolutely no place for physical altercations. Bullying or fighting players both physical and verbal are absolutely disallowed. All participants involved in the altercation are subject to ejection without refund and possible banning from future events by Mir Tactical. 
- Use of all controlled substances is forbidden at Mir Events. 


- There is no blind fire allowed
- Tier 1 events are MID CAP Magazine only
- DEAD RAGS are required at all tier 2 and up events. 
- Dead lights (red lights) are required at all night operations Tier 2 and up. 
- Code of Conduct (listed in GA must be followed at all mir events) 


*This list is the ONLY Approved camo patterns allowed at Mir Tier 1. If you do have a camo you’d like to see added in the future please feel free to reach out, and we will take it into consideration for future. 

COR- Solid Green (Ranger Green OD). Multicam Tropic. M81, woodland. AOR2. Jungle Tiger Stripe. DNC. Marpat. Digital Flora. EMR. Green Flecktarn. Solid Black. Multicam Black. 

UAE-  Solid Tan (sand, coyote). Multicam. Multicam Arid. AOR1, Desert Digi. Desert Tiger Stripe. 6 Color Desert (Choco Chip) 3 color desert, DCU desert


Pants, Shirt, and Helmet or Head cover must match the faction.

Gear Color does not matter. 


1x Buddy Med first med (can be anyone) 

2nd Designated medic or Command Member. 

Required to carry x2 bandages to take advantage of the medic rules. 

Approved bandages- MSW style tourniquet, Ace bandages (at least 3 ft long) 

*tape is not approved. 

Bleed Out- when you are hit you must stay in the general area you were shot, if you are in direct line of fire or impeding game progress you may move a few feet out of the way. DO NOT move to make it more advantageous for your teammates to res you. 

You may be “moved” to be revived by a medic, to move injured player teammates must place TWO hands on players to move them to safety. Single hand running is not allowed, if seen by reff players will be warned. 

If a medic or teamate does not get to you, you must take a mandatory bleed out of 3 minutes before returning to your FOB. You may stay longer than 3 minutes if you think a teammate may arrive outside of the time window. 

Grenade Rules

Grenades detonating within a 15 ft radius “kill” everyone. Hard cover is the only way to survive being within that radius- Hard cover is designated as physical hardcover, a wall or being in a different room. Desks, doors, loose physical barriers are not considered hardcover. 

Grenades are allowed (pending AO) Please note- NO PYRO is allowed at PBX 

**List of Approved Grenades- EG67, FBG67, FBG4, AFG4, TAG19,FBG6, AFG6, TAG-19

(EG67 Recommended) 

Only approved smoke grenades are allowed- Enola Gaye, Tagin. No fuse burning smoke grenades. 

- PRIMER Struck grenades are not allowed at any of the events- this includes bang 22s, airsoft innovations, Neutron - --- Impact Grenades and any other HARD construction grenades. 
- Shower 40mm grenade shells are not allowed at any events. 
- Smoke Grenades are not permitted for indoor use. 


REUSABLE GRENADES - Are not allowed at any Tier 1 or higher events for gameplay immersion, and to enforce rules and preserve player experience.  


40mm grenade LAUNCHABLES are regulated per technical use. *See technicals pag

Hit Details

- Friendly fire from teammates still count.
- Gun hits do not count unless the replica is in front of you body ie a direct shot 
- Ricochets off structures or props do not count as hits
- If in doubt call the hit
- A bb striking any part of your gear, backpacks, clothing, or headgear is a hit. 


Chrono/Weapon Systems Defined- TIER 2+

All Participants are required to pass a chrono check and register upon arrival. Waiver must be filled out

All systems are chronoed with .32 bbs and measured in joules. After the chrono process you will receive an indicator on your replica that you have passed chrono. 

You may use any bb weight after passing chrono. 

You may be subject to random chrono checks on the field during play. 

All systems are restricted to no higher than 25 rps as a rate of fire cap. 


Chrono Limits Tier 1

Rifleman- 1.5j 

*semi auto only unless instructed otherwise

No Med

Smg - .99j or under 

*if over 1j follow rifleman rules.

Full auto unless specified 

Midcap only. 

.32 bb weight limit. 

No med

LMG- 1.5j 

*10ft med

Required to carry secondary capable of 0ft med

Cannot Engage inside of buildings


Weapon system must be a real world, purpose built LMG. Examples: PKM, M249,M60,MG4,MK48, Microgun, RPK, RPD, G&G LMG, Krytac LMG. 

*Special case. M27 IAR is allowed to be used as an LMG BUT must have the following- Optic 3x or greater, Bipod, foregrip, must use box or drum magazine. No midcaps, no winding high caps.  

*Clarification on CHOPPED or modified LMGS. To pass for LMG at a mir event, the weapon must measure AT LEAST 16.5” inches from tip of trigger to end of barrel. We do reserve the right at chrono or on field to pass weapon acceptability or deny use based on modifications.  

DMR- 1.9j

Semi Auto Lock

Cannot Engage inside of buildings

Required secondary capable of 0ft med

50 ft med

*DMR Must measure at LEAST 18 inches from front of receiver to end of barrel. This can include a suppressor. Required 4x or optic or greater (can be variable optic) 

Sniper- 2.8j

Snipers must be bolt action only

Snipers cannot engage inside buildings

Required to carry secondary capable of 0ft med

100ft minimum engagement distance 


*Full Thrust Kit* Novritsch Full thrust platforms are allowed with following. 

Must pass a chrono test. Replica must be submitted at chrono for inspection of modification outside intended purpose.

Use must bring their own bbs for inspection and chrono.

Pistols- Stock green gas/co2 pistols do not need to chrono.

Shotguns- Shotguns are allowed. 

Tokyo Marui AA12 may use a drum magazine and still classify as a shotgun. 


Adapters- Magazine adapters are not allowed on any HPA or AEG systems EXCEPT in the following cases. Same magazine to same magazine adapters. Example: GBB m4 to Hpa M4 allowing you to use normal magazines.

Any and all m4 adapters or smg mag adapters on highcapas, pistols, or shotguns is not allowed.


- All airsoft gun systems must use the intended magazine for said gun, Magazine adpaters for hi capas, smgs and GBB mag adapters are not allowed. 

Technical Rules 

All technicals must be submitted for approval prior to the event- there is a limited number of technical slots available per event. Please email

Please submit a vehicle request application, photos and proof of insurance. 

After your request is approved you will receive special instructions for arrival, parking exc. 


You will be required to pass a vehicle operator test. 

- Only the registered participant may operate or drive the vehicle. 
- Driver and front passenger must wear full face protection. Driver, and passenger windows must be up at all times, there must be a windshield. 
- All players riding on a vehicle, or in the backseat must have a helmet. 
- All drivers of technicals are required to carry a radio with direct communication to their command staff. 
- Vehicle must have idle gear capable of less than 10mph. 
- All vehicles must have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher
- Vehicle is limited to a maximum of 8,000rds on mounted guns. 
- Technicals are limited to 1 or a single mounted gun. Only forward facing shields are allowed on the turret. 
- Riders may shoot from the backseat of a multiple door passenger vehicle. 
- Riders may not be mediced in the vehicle- must exit the vehicle to receive or give aid. Vehicle can however transport an injured person without decrewing. 


*Anti Vehicle rules

- Technicals can be disabled the following ways 

- X2 use of anti vehicle

- Grenades, foam rockets, chalk rounds, foam rounds, nerf rockets are the only way to disable vehicles.

- First use of rocket/grenade disables vehicles from movement. Second use decrews and “kills” everyone on or around vehicle in 15 fr radius.