Mir Tactical Airsoft Sponsorship/Ambassador


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MiR Tactical Ambassadorship


 Mir Tactical Ambassador Program

Mir Tactical Ambassadors are hand picked players or teams that display good qualities in airsoft, on and off the field.  With many benefits, Mir Tactical Ambassadors help spread the word and promote Mir Tactical across the airsoft community.  

Some good qualities we are looking for in ambassadors are…

  1. Sportsmanlike players, on and off the field

  2. Players willing to help others that are new to the sport

  3. Players that portray airsoft in a positive light

  4. Players that are active in the airsoft community

What are the Tiers of the Ambassador Program?

There are 2 tiers of the Ambassador program.  Tier 1 is our highest level of ambassadorship, which comes with the best perks.  Tier 2 is our entry level ambassador.  All Ambassadors start at tier 2 and can work their way up to tier 1.

What kind of perks do you get by being a Mir Tactical Ambassador?


Tier 2

  1. 8% off all store purchases (excludes used inventory and tech work)

  2. 10% off all event tickets

  3. Ambassador Patch

  4. Chance to be featured in our monthly Ambassador Spotlight


Tier 1

  1. 10% off all store purchases (excludes used inventory and tech work)

  2. 15% off all event tickets

  3. Gold Ambassador Patch

  4. Mir Tactical patches to use or give out for promotion

  5. Chance to be featured in out monthly Ambassador Spotlight


What are the requirements to be an ambassador?

  1. You must have at least 2 active social media accounts (facebook, youtube, tiktok, instagram, etc)

  2. You must post at least once a week on each social media platform about Mir Tactical events, open play, or store.

  3. Exclusive Promotion of our Airsoft events

  4. You must attend at least 2 Mir Tactical Events per year

  5. Must have #mirtactical and #mirtacticalambassador in your mir related posts

Are you interested in being a Mir Tactical Ambassador?

Please fill out the following form: