Strikeball Event Storyline COR UAE


The Era of Silence was a golden age for the United States of America. People rejected the concept of war and started to believe in ideals of peace and harmony. Many aspects of society and culture advanced, such as science, arts, and economy improving the quality of life in the process. The demilitarization process followed to end the idea of armed conflict forever. 

Unfortunately, the issues did not go away as energy production became a problem with oil and fuel resources being depleted. The nation struggled to find new sources of energy to maintain created society standards. The science push was made and resulted in success in the discovery of the mysterious Helium-3 compound. 

Initially, Helium-3 could not be used as a suitable fuel source, but later, Dr. Rick Rodgers developed the H3 Light Process, which allowed Helium 3 to be refined into a usable and stable energy resource. The process led to a significant economic boom, and an entirely new industry was established under the use of H3, as the oil and nuclear energy resources were soon deemed inefficient and eventually abandoned. 

While H3 considered being a stable refining method for the raw Helium-3 compound, the unfortunate Washington Incident proved it otherwise. In one act of error, a Helium-3 power generation station mysteriously exploded, destroying the entire Federal government. The remaining Helium-3 refineries started following the same scenario, and the chaos began. 

Majority of the states created alliances to combat the ensued chaos, as the federal government was unable to support local entities. Over the years, a new resurgence of power was consolidated to what is now known as the United American Empire (UAE). The major city and urban centers served as the strongholds for the UAE military forces. 

The Coalition of Ordered Republics (COR) ideology originated as a socialist political faction, theorized by Dimitry Yogavisch and founded by Raquar Tameran. Before and during the discovery of H3, the COR was a relatively minor political idea but eventually grew into a broader organized movement.

People who did not yield to the new UAE authority were cast out into the abyss and forever exiled from established society. The majority of those individuals joined COR to survive and fight back against the oppression. The Coalition of Ordered Republics created the goal of restoring peace and freedom back to the land of the “free” by any means possible.



 The Milwaukee Offensive Event - February 2018 - Winner COR

*Battle Map will be updated after the completion of each scheduled event. Factions flag denotes winner of the hosted event. Current as of March 2018.