Major Factions

  • UAE – United American Empire – Tan
    • The old tyrannical government of america, vying for power against COR.
  • COR - Coalition of the Outlander Republics - Green
    • The largest organized militia in the country, trying to take over america and impose their tyrannical rule.
  • CD - Celestial Dawn - Civilian 
    • Fanatic Cult Based in the midwest.
  • FC - Fate Collective - Civilian
    • Fanatic cult based n the northern part of the country.
  • ADD - Astra Defense Development - Black
    • high tech private military corporation
  • HDC - Homeland Defense Corporation
    • Private company reled on by the US to fight terrorism.  highly trained and ruthless.
  • WLU - White Lotus Unified - Civilian
    • one of the largest terrorist organizations in the country.  They are based around anarchy by any means.
  • US - Unified States
    • Government of the Unified States

Uniform Restrictions

    • Civilian – Gray, Plaid, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Blue Jeans
      • No green, tan, black, orange, or neons. NO CAMO
    • Black – Black, Multicam Black, Wolf Gray
    • Green – Green Based - SEE RULE SET FOR APPROVED CAMOS



*Events with the Alternate tag do not follow the main storyline*


Red Dawn – Illinois – Alternate

Follows the Red Dawn Movie Story.  Soviets are invading the US, the Wolverines and the US Forces need to defend their homeland and thwart the invasion!

  • US: Tan
  • Wolverines: Civilian + Black
  • USSR: Green


Operation Blacklist – Sheboygan, WI

            The asylum has a long and storied past.  The asylum has been host to things such as chemical weapons, inhumane testing on humans, nuclear tests, and much more.  Recently it has been host to COR’s new weapon system, Wrath of God.  This system of satellite-based microwave weapons would be able to eliminate targets anywhere in the world easily and without collateral damage.  UAE hackers have decrypted some files relating to this program, and they are planning an all-out raid on the facility.  With 4 satellites already in the air, COR need to finish linking them all together and getting the whole system online.  Whoever can take over this system could turn the tides of the war.

  • COR: Green
  • UAE: Tan


Operation New Pandora – Sherwood Forest, IN – Alternate

            The city of Pandora has recently become a hot spot for an uprising.  The group named White Lotus Unified have taken root in the city, and most of the population are aligned with them.  The WLU are intent on anarchy and the removal of the government by any means.  With the recent attacks on nearby cities, the Government have taken notice of this city and are planning an attack to eliminate the group.  The plan is to eliminate the WLU data centers as well as their base of operations.

  • WLU: Civilian
  • US: Green



Operation Big Brother – Apollo High School, IA

*LMGs chronoing under 1J will be permitted, Limit 4 per team.  First come first serve*

            The Old Apollo high school, a pre-civil war high school, used to be a COR stronghold.  Years ago, UAE took it over and have used it as their “Big Brother” network center.  The Big Brother network is the main surveillance tool used by UAE to keep track of their citizens.  They control and watch everything like text messages, calls, social media, and even cameras and microphones all over their territory.  This technology has long been sought out by COR as a steppingstone for taking control of America.  COR found out that the network center is located at the Old Apollo High School and want control.  COR is aware that this will not be easy to take.  Their initial scouting party was eliminated trying to get information on the layout of the facility.

  • UAE: Tan
  • COR: Green


Operation Celestial Dawn – Sherwood Forest, IN

            Sherwood Forest, currently resides in UAE territory, is currently host to a fanatical cult.  The cult, “Celestial Dawn,” grew from the poor living conditions and hopelessness the tyrannical control by UAE has caused.  The cult is now hell bent on expanding their reach outside of the large area of Sherwood Forest.  UAE have taken notice as the cult have hijacked many of the UAE controlled media sources and put propaganda on them.  Celestial Dawn have done everything from making public threats against the UAE governing body, to human sacrifice and terror acts against government buildings.  They know UAE forces are on their way, and are preparing for a bloody battle.

  • Celestial Dawn: Civilian
  • UAE: Tan


Operation Phoenix Rising – Sheboygan, WI

Depends on the outcome of Operation Blacklist.  Nuclear Testing.

  • UAE: Tan
  • COR: Green


Wastelands – Wisconsin – Alternate

            In the year 2030, all out nuclear war devastated most of the world.  One of the last remaining groupings of people in the Midwest is “New Wisconsin.”  This megacity has flourished as a haven for survivors since it was founded, but in the past decade, the darker side has started to show.  The megacity has been infected by cults, dangerous substances, crimes, bounties, and much more.  This once safe city is now as dangerous as the wastelands.  Choose your affiliations wisely.  Can you survive wastelands?


Operation Brimstone – Alabama

            A chemical code name: Brimstone115 was being developed by the private military corporation, Astra Defense Development, in conjunction with COR.  The chemical is named after its base, sulfur.  This compound is rumored to be a deadly nerve agent being developed as a mass elimination weapon.  UAE have gotten wind of how close ADD are to finalizing the development of the weapon and need to make sure this stays out of the hands of COR, which would mark a major power shift in the war.

  • COR: Green
  • ADD: Black
  • UAE: Tan


Operation White Florida Snow – Florida – Alternate

            Florida, which had a massive drug smuggling issue in the late 1900’s, has become extremely active again as a hot zone for drug smuggling.  The Cartel “La Familia Federales” who is somewhat openly helped by the C.I.A. is operating a massive smuggling operation in the Everglades in southern Florida.  They are attempting to take control of the old Hendry Correctional Prison as a base of operation.  Homeland and the D.E.A. have been locked in a massive struggle with the Cartel and realize an all-out war is about to break out over this prison.  With the last special team that went into the prison lost connection after an ambush, Homeland have decided an all-out invasion is needed to start removing La Familia Federales’ foothold in southern Florida. – Have the 50 on 50 have a special night game?

  • La Familia Federales: Civilian
  • C.I.A.: Tan – Restricted to 50 Players
  • Homeland: Green
  • D.E.A.: Black – Restricted to 50 Players


Operation Fate Collective – Michigan

            In the northern reaches of Michigan, a cult called “Fate Collective” has been growing.  The cult has grown from the feeling of disenfranchising from both COR and UAE in the north woods.  Both COR and UAE have ignored the peoples calls for help, and now they have banded together to create a community.  The group have taken up residence in a cold war era air force base.  The cult members will fight to the death to defend their sanctuary.  COR have taken notice of them after a video went viral of an ambush on a COR patrol, where they were taken prisoner and “released to god.”  COR are mounting an all-out assault on the compound and the cultist are prepared for an all-out battle.

  • Fate Collective: Civilian
  • COR: Green