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All event participants must complete a safety waiver prior to the event.


Tickets are non refundable. All purchases are final.

The 10th installment of Pandora's Box returns in 2019 to Sherwood Forest Paintball in La Porte, Indiana!

The Story So Far:
The struggle for earth's complete and utter domination continues between two arch-rivals: The United States of America, who has now collapsed due to a lack of cohesion and malicious experiments with the volatile chemical compound known as H3, and Russia, who is now taking advantage of the recently crippled USA and encroaching on United States soil with the help of local COR forces. Yet, with UAE forces slowly gaining ground around the country, UAE has to now fight it out with Russian backed COR forces in a land grab to prevent them from gaining access to facilities vital to the UAE cause. Victory will not come so easily to either side however. The Patriots, also known as the Rebel Americans Militia, a small but widespread group of veterans, US military personnel, and average citizens, will not allow either side to instill upon them their beliefs for the future of the United States of America. The Patriots only goal is to reinvigorate the US back to it’s former glory and status as a free country. All three factions are now converging on a single point in the middle of the country, where tensions are high and the slightest miscalculation on any side will open Pandora’s Box. Who will win this fight? In the end, it’s up to you. What side will you choose to fight for at Pandora’s Box IX?

-Sherwood Forest Paintball, 3497 N. U.S. 35, La Porte, IN 46350


USA: Any tan based camo, see below for examples--
-3 Color Desert
-6 Color Desert
-Desert Marpat
-Solid Tan
-Multicam Arid

Russia: Any green based camo, see below for examples--
-Woodland Marpat
-Solid Olive Drab
-Multicam Tropical

GEAR COLOR DOES NOT MATTER! But, you may NOT wear patterns identified from both teams, I.E. an ACU shirt with Woodland pants. Or tan bdu’s with a green top. ONLY APPROVED CAMOUFLAGE CAN BE USED FOR THIS EVENT. NO EXCEPTIONS!! If you have any questions about camouflage restrictions, please contact us!

-Please obey all Sherwood Forest Paintball rules. We will link players to their rules page below; FOR THIS EVENT, PLAYERS WILL BE FOLLOWING THE MiR Tactical RULESET REGARDING AIRSOFT!

-Link to the MiR Tactical Ruleset below—
-If you are under the age of 18, you must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian
-If you are under the age of 16, you must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian AND accompanied by the parent/guardian
-If you are under the age of 13, please contact us
-All participants required to sign waivers and media release forms.
-Full Seal ANSI-rated goggles with straps are required
-Full paintball mask for players under 18 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
-Rifleman Class-1.49 Joules
-Grenadier Class-1.49 Joules
-LMG Class- 1.49 Joules
-DMR Class-1.88 Joules
-Sniper Class-2.8 Joules
-Drum and Box magazines only allowed on designated weapons (LMGs)
-Air operated systems must have a tournament lock or tamper tape
-Barrel Covers are required outside of playing area at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

-A limited edition Pandora’s Box IX patch
-One raffle ticket (extras can be purchased!)
-Free event parking
-Use of MiR Tactical props!
-Huge give-aways!
-And more!

PLEASE ADVISE: Game play and schedule might change due to extreme weather conditions. Check-in will be available on Friday night to speed things up on the day of the event.

Of course, no event would be great without RAFFLE prizes!!! We will be giving away thousands worth of gifts, so stay tuned after the game is over for your chance to win!!!

Sherwood Forest Paintball has been gracious enough to allow us to come back year after year for a multitude of our events, and this year is no exception! We are always happy to be able to play ata field that has such a diverse environment of play. They have a MASSIVE castle situated in the middle of their field, and multiple small structures and towns scattered about their wooded property. We look forward to seeing you back at Sherwood Forest Paintball for Pandora’s Box IX!

* To redeem your ticket please print out the copy of the receipt and present it during check in with a valid ID
** Please fill out MiR Tactical waivers to speed up the check in process at the gates. Mir Tactical waiver will be emailed to you upon registration.
*** Item is non-refundable
****Story timeline and story elements are subject to change depending on the outcome of previous MiR Tactical games

Strikeball™ is a trademark of MiR Tactical Inc.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review