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Product Overview

Outperform any person on the field. This Rocket Lab Custom Works gun will outshooot and out group any HPA gun on the market. Every part has been rigorously tested and custom fit , ensuring long lasting and reliable peak performance. With the Maxx Hop up unit, maintain precision and ease with each adjustment of hop up wheel, achieving three points of stabilization while the barrel assembly sits in the upper receiver. Our latest Flat hop barrel assembly is designed to increase accuracy, range and consistency of each shot fired. The included hopup mounted tracer unit helps you light your enemies up!


Range: 270+ ft

Rate of Fire: 60 Rounds/Second

Trigger Response: 40ms


 Product Information:

Engine: Polarstar Fusion Engine Newest Version

Hop Up Chamber: Maxx PRO CNC Hopup Chamber w/ LED Tracer

Bucking: Flat Hopped Prometheus Bucking

Inner Barrel: Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel

Charging Handle: PTS Radian Arms AEG Charging Handle



  • AEG Rifle with Flip-up Sights
  • Black Metal Muzzle Brake (Unattached)
  • JST HPA Battery
  • (2) PTS EPM 150 rnd Midcap Magazines


  • This HPA RIFLE is sold with an orange tip and neon tape.
  • Use 0.32g BBs or heavier for best performance.
  • Break in period of about 3000 rounds.
  • 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Service Agreement is included with this Airsoft Rifle.
  • Expect that some rifles may require modification of the Hop up Unit or other parts to allow for perfect fitment Please use 0.32g BBs or heavier for best performance Some AEGs may require fitting of the Hop Up Unit performed by the customer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review