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Product Overview

Lancer Tactical's ProLine models are hitting the market with plenty of options for different fields! This LT-24 ProLine series M4 CQB is one the latest models that comes in a low FPS version for CQB regulations!

The body of the M4 is constructed out of metal, which is durable yet lightweight enough to maneuver on the field throughout the day. There is also a URX style handguard that provides enough rail space for mounting additional accessories. Watch the rifle hit your targets with close groupings with the help of the 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel. Change your FPS with ease, the quick change spring system allows you set up the velocity you need to play at different field limits. The true quick change spring system enables adjustment from CQB to outdoor and back through unlocking the mechanism secured inside the buffer tube.

The Lancer Tactical Generation 2 ProLine series com with a fast trigger that is modeled after a bladed flat design. There is an ETU and MOSFET located in the gearbox with less wiring to assist in amplify trigger response. As a result, the system shoots at around 22 RPS along with consistent FPS. Additionally, when low voltage is detected from a drained battery, an automatic cut off keeps equipped batteries from draining completely, vastly increasing battery life and longevity.

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Model: LT-24 M4 CQB ProLine AEG
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 120 rds
Color: Tan
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
Warranty Length: 1 Year


  • Proline Internals
  • Metal Construction
  • Enlarged Trigger Guard
  • Flat Trigger
  • Enhanced Motor Grip
  • Low Resistance Wiring
  • Fast Trigger Unit (ETU) & MOSFET
  • 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel
  • Front & Rear Flip-Up Sight
  • Adjustable Crane Stock
  • Quick Change Spring System


(No reviews yet) Write a Review