Our Airsoft Store Has What You Need

Jul 15th 2020

There are a ton of airsoft outlets out there that sell most of the equipment that you could possibly need, whether for practice or for a match, even for MilSim engagements. Whether you’re look … read more

Change the Way You Play with a G&G CM16 ARP9

Jul 8th 2020

We’ve said this before at MiR Tactical, but the reality of the situation is that airsoft matches are made up of different players with different gear facing different challenges. That’s a lot … read more

Why Does Everyone Love a G&G Raider?

Jul 1st 2020

Pretty much all airsofters, even players that have no competitive need for one, love a good AEG. They feel great in the hand, accept a lot of cool attachments, and are just plain fun to shoot. Th … read more