General Rules - All Tiers

- All Participants (Player, Spectator, Media) are required to wear ANSI 787.1 eye protection. Participants under the age of - 18 are required to wear a FULL paintball mask, zero exceptions. 
- All replica’s must pass a chrono check, chrono is completed using joules. 
- Any public AO’s paintball fields, or local field barrel covers are required at all times while in safe areas. 
- All participants on site must have a waiver completed- this includes players, spectator, media. 
- All events are 6mm replica only (8mm bb replicas are not allowed), no steel bb weapons, or converted weapons. 
- Participants under the age of 18 must have guardian supervision

*EMERGENCY Situation. On call of BLIND MAN all participants are required to stop moving, remove their magazine from their replica and take a knee. BLIND MAN is call for a real world injury or situation- calling for BLIND MAN for any other reason than an emergency is grounds for immediate ejection. 
- No real weapons or firearms are allowed on any of Mir Tactical’s sites. If you have a legal permit to carry or possess a firearm it must stay in your locked vehicle at all times. If a real firearm is found in a “in play” technical vehicle owner of vehicle and all peers are subject to ejection/banned from future events. 


Code of Conduct- ALL TIERS

- All Participants are expected and required to show respect to all other peers, and staff at every venue. Respect the authority of Staff members and listen to their instruction at all times. 
- Call your hits- Do not call others hits, if you have a problem with a specific player please speak to a staff member. A hit is designated as a bb striking any part of the player, including backpacks or helmets- weapon hits do not count.  
- Hit or dead players do not talk, when you are out remain quiet. 
- Act responsibly- All participants are responsible for their actions. There is absolutely no place for physical altercations. Bullying or fighting players both physical and verbal are absolutely disallowed. All participants involved in the altercation are subject to ejection without refund and possible banning from future events by Mir Tactical. 
- Use of all controlled substances is forbidden at Mir Events.