How To Create A Team

Airsoft team.

Ever thought about starting up your own airsoft team? If you’re passionate about the sport, the thought has probably crossed your mind once or twice. Maybe you and your friends like to play, on occasion, but it is not a team per se?  Maybe you’ve seen teams on the field and have been afflicted with tinges of jealousy? Or, perhaps you are already in a group and looking to branch out in a new direction?

It’s not simply a case of clicking your fingers, it takes time and commitment to create and run a squad. In this “how-to” feature, we take a look into exactly what you need to do to start your own team.


 Are You Ready?

Starting your own team shouldn’t be done on a whim or an ill-formed notion. You need to have enough reasons, and the skills, to run an airsoft squad. In order to determine your readiness, you may want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is your motivation for starting a new team? Is it enough to ensure you are committed?
  • Are there other teams in the area that you could join? If there are, would it be better for you to join them instead? Joining other teams may be a chance for you to extend your experiences and improve your skills as a player.
  • Are you a natural-born leader? Are you able to motivate others? Two very important skill-sets in squad leaders.
  • Are you a good communicator? Can you solve problems and conflicts?


 Find Your Team Members

There is no ‘I’ in team, so, you will need to find your team players. Good teams usually consist of around six to eight members, each committed to playing airsoft on a regular basis. These team members also have to be people who you like to spend time with; there’s no point playing with someone who winds you up! These can be friends, family or even airsoft players you’ve met at the local field. Just remember that you may make yourself unpopular if you pinch good members from existing teams.

Aside from liking your team members, they also have to have the same values as you and enjoy the same play style. Too often, we have seen teams break down over conflicting views.

Play with each other a couple of times so that you can get to know each other and see how you work as a team.


 Assign Roles

If you’ve played with your team for a while now, you probably have a good picture about which roles they should play. You will understand how they interact in different scenarios. Make sure to take into account the views of your players to avoid any conflict over assigned roles (should you decide to make a team with players playing different functions), and make sure you help players develop their skills. Many small team leaders may find that assigning different roles may be unproductive for play when a primary player is taken out. Instead, you may decide to have players who are cross-trained so that the same tasks can be completed.

Remember that playing should be fun, so mistakes should be laughed off. Any gaps in knowledge can be taught and learnt, so make sure to give every player a chance to reach their full potential (even if there are some hurdles in the way).


 Conducting Your First Meeting

Gather all your players for the first official meeting. In this meeting, you will need to discuss a number of things such as group image, team name, goals and expectations.

Make sure that everyone is clear on the guidelines and rules of gear, gameplay and attendance, and the consequences of not abiding by the agreed rules.


 Team Image

In order to promote unity and help you recognize each other on the field, a uniform can be a great option for your team. Team uniforms are great for giving your team a more professional look that will ensure your respected, and feared, on the airsoft field! Some put emblems on their outfits to ensure their ‘brand’ is recognized. If you’re part of a local airsoft team, why not put your patch up on our wall?

Consider the personality of the team when selecting the elements of your outfits, as well as picking outfits that are easy to move in. If image is important to you, your team may consider getting the same airsoft guns and gear to ensure your entire uniforms match.

Next, you’ll need to pick a name for your airsoft squad. Think about options that are memorable and easy to pronounce, whilst also presenting your team spirit to the world. Some tend to pick names based upon their look or style of play. Make sure that everyone has their opinions heard and that everyone agrees to the choices made.

If you’re serious about starting a team, make sure that you are ready for the commitment. Start by following the steps of this feature to establish your team and remember to enjoy yourself! Good luck.

Let us know your airsoft start-up tales, team names and even send us pictures of your team all suited and booted!