Airsoft Tech Repair and Upgrade Work

We are the leaders in getting your tech work done on time and for the best price!

Our professional service technicians can install, upgrade parts, or provide custom work for you and your airsoft gun. Bring your gun into our retail store or utilize our $40 round trip shipping service (fully insured). Let us know what you would like and we will make it happen! Our Tech Team is available to answer questions and solve problems. Building airsoft guns and fixing problems is what we do best. These highly experienced gun guys have a library of knowledge on the most popular airsoft guns and parts.

- Full Customizations

- Dis/assembling a Complete Gun
- Rewire Battery to a Terminal
- Semi-Automatic Fire Mode Service
- Install Springs

- Gear Shimming
- Basic Airsoft Gun Tune Up
- Motor Installation
- Install RIS / RAS / Rail / Hand Guards
- Muzzle Orange Tip Removal

Gun Repairs

Gun Upgrades

Custom Builds

Gun not working correctly? 

Let our expert technician repair your Airsoft gun and get you back on the field. Our Airsoft technicians have years of experience repairing guns and can work on Electric, Gas and HPA guns as well as sniper rifles. Repairs on external and internal components like gearboxes, hopup units and motors can be completed quickly.

Ready to upgrade your Airsoft gun?

We can upgrade most Airsoft gun platforms. Gearboxes can be upgraded for a high rate of fire, better compression, flawlessly shimmed or MOSFET added. He can also help with front/rear wiring, deans conversions, motors, springs, tight bore barrels, hopup units and external components.

Looking for a custom Airsoft gun?

We offer Certified War Zone Airsoft guns that will make you stand out on the field in both AEG and HPA platforms. Our experianced technician custom builds guns using high end receivers, rails, grips, internal parts and accessories. Basic color changes are also available but we don't do custom airbrush work, sorry.

Want the Ultimate Airsoft Rifle?

Buy Or Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun To A Rocketlabs Build